Chart Reading Testimonials

Marc is a highly regarded professional and considered one of the best astrologers in the field of Evolutionary Astrology. Below are some of the testimonials he's received from delighted clients.

"Marc is a truly inspirational astrologer. I would recommend him to anyone."

Lorrae Desmond - MBE Actor/Entertainer.

Astrology Charts and Readings

"Hi Marc I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing reading. Your interpretation of my SN created the most profound healing experience for me. I am in awe.

Kind regards Alison

"Hi Marc, I wanted to thank you so much for a rich and deeply useful forecast reading this week. It was truly illuminating, and I have been feeling so much lighter, healthier and happier ever since. Indeed, I have a sense of all sorts of new hope, liberty and possibility swirling within and without me — as if I am now pressing upon the precipice of a brand new world and way of being in that world. So, yippee for joy and insight and YOU! You are indeed a very precious thing as well as a wonderful man, So, thank you."

Much love, Kiera.

Natal Chart Reading

"I was so pleased with the natal chart reading. Marc has an amazing amount of knowledge and passion and this really shines through. Not only was I informed about my placements but was able to gain a great understanding of how to utilize these placements. I left the reading feeling motivated and enlightened and would highly recommend the natal chart reading to anyone considering it."


"Dear Marc,

It was so good to meet you on Thursday. I want to thank you for an amazing Astrology experience. It wasn’t what I was expecting, it was better. You are such a lovely, caring and intuitive man, your astrology reading made so much sense to me. I came to see you in the hope that I would gain clarity, which I absolutely did! You helped me understand that I no longer need to swim upstream. I now feel an inner peace knowing the reason why my life is the way it is, you also gave me a solution that totally resonates with ME!

Your reading has given me so much hope and even though I have a lot of work to do, I have a clear idea of my purpose and I can actually sense how much fun my future is going to be!"

Thank you wholeheartedly,


"Thank you again for our time together on Thursday. Your reading was incredible, so intuitive and affirming. You hold such a non-judgemental space, which made me feel held and safe to be open about very personal issues. You described the essence of me as a soul and personality. What a gift you have. I will cherish it always. Deep gratitude from my heart to yours." Warmest wishes,


"Our reading on Tues was wonderful for me, I was so glad that I came. I have been to several astrologers as I mentioned over the years but you are the standout.

You were just what I needed and I actually felt some of my emotions that I had been so painfully stuck in start to really shift & lift & alter. It is a journey but there is "movement at the station for the word had got around".

And also, you are such a nice man, I love your intuitiveness, insights, gentleness, directness."

Thank you so much


"Hi Marc,

Thank you so much again for the reading!! I can’t thank you enough, it was so eye opening and empowering. You're really living your purpose, the way you connect all the dots, is just incredible! Thank you for sharing this gift that you have with us. I am so deeply grateful. I can feel that this reading was so profoundly essential for me and my journey on this planet earth. I feel so motivated for life and I am so excited for what the future holds. Thank you with all my heart!! You made a change in me in the best way possible. Forever grateful!

Love and blessings."


"Hi Marc,

I wanted to thank you once again for an amazing reading, it was by far the best astrology reading I have ever had. It was so empowering, validating and healing. You are a very gifted astrologer and a beautiful soul and person."


"Dear Marc,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading the other day. It's like I had been waiting a long time to be ready to hear what you had to say. Your words resonated so clearly and there was literally an overnight transformation. I understand there may be some more lows to come this year, as per the chart, but already I feel better equipped to deal with things. I have started in earnest looking for an alternative career, almost like suddenly I have permission to do what I longed to for so long. I have overnight gone from an all time low to one with healthy self esteem. I think the last few years of internal/ spiritual preparation had made me just ripe for all you had to say, so the switch is understandable to me, and I can believe it is here to stay in the longer term even if there are a few ups and downs. It is indeed like a light switch - it's like I had arranged for the electricity to flow, and seeing you was like flicking the switch.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am and what a profound effect the reading had on me.

I feel instantly peaceful knowing that I don't have to be trapped anymore, and more of who I truly am, literally overnight - just the way I like it!!

Thank you again,"



"Hi Marc

It was a pleasure to meet you today.

I believe you are a very gifted, sensitive soul who will continue to make a difference to the lives of others! The reinforcement of who I am and the unlimited potential of who I am has been a great gift that has been bestowed on me today!

I was grateful about the recognition of the past life and as I write this to you, the lesson of trying to balance my exuberant energy being judged by others! I have retreated to my bedroom and have been motivated to work on my life purpose!"


"Hi Marc

I can't express with words how grateful I am for your guidance and insight. All the connections are making sense as I can see and understand where I have come from and what needs attention throughout this lifetime. This is very healing. I can be gentle on myself knowing the trauma I have experienced in times past.

I suddenly remembered yesterday a guided meditation into past life regression I experienced 2 years ago. At the time I didn't understand it and had put it aside. I dug out the journal where I recorded the experience. The similarities to what you had told me are uncanny.

Many thanks and love."



The 3 days after your reading, I remained in solitude in my big country house. All I can say is, after a lifetime of searching, I feel like I have found the right door home to myself, my purpose, and my potential.

Your warmth, and gift of doing this work, is a treasure to have stumbled across indeed, and I want to thank you so dearly for pointing me to my door. I feel like a whole new life is beginning, perhaps it really does begin at 40!"


"Thank you Marc, you are a gem.

You have such a way of explaining things that make sense, and bring peace. You clarify what is going on, and what needs to be done on my / or your other clients’ parts

Thank you again,"


"Hi Marc

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my reading, it was really mind-blowing and EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now. It’s really given me the confidence to push ahead and not give an F about the haters. Thank you, your guidance was truly a gift."